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Astrology Yantra

A detailed description and several benefits of the powerful Yantras have been illustrated in the Scriptures and Vedic Astrology. The scriptures also mention the modes and methods to establish the yantras. Although to extract the maximum benefits, it is required to establish them as per the methods and one should worship it regularly. It is a strong belief that the astrological instruments can help to attain divine powers in the universe. In our Vedas and Puranas, the yantras increase their importance in a number of ways.

Mainly five types of shapes are used for the preparation of the yantras. These include- circles, points, downward triangles, vertical triangles and squares that are the representatives of the five elements i.e. air, sky, water, fire and earth. Let us see what are yantras and how do they benefit us?

What is Yantra?

Yantra refers to the device which helps in neutralizing the defects of various planets present in one’s horoscope. The Yantra is an energy source which comprises of energy of some of the planet. People receive the blessings of the associated planet while they use it. The instrument also eradicates the bad effects of the planets. If a specific planet in your horoscope gives  inauspicious results, then you shall rigorously worship the associated yantra. Worshipping yantra has numerous benefits like health, happiness and wealth in your lives.

Yantras are those devices which assist an individual to achieve health, wealth as well as success in his/her life. The instruments exhibit God’s hidden power and for this reason these Yantras must be placed at the site of worship. With the right placement of yantras, worshipping them is of utmost importance.

How does Yantra Benefit You?

Yantras give auspicious results from the planets that work in an inauspicious or auspicious manner in any horoscope. As per astrology, the yantra is utilized to neutralize the bad aspects of some unlucky planets. To decrease the bad aspect of a particular planet, the special energy utilized by the device is used.

Each planet shows various aspects in the horoscope of any person. This means that if any planet tends to give a good result to a person, then it also gives him a bad result. When the planet is posited badly then in such type of situation, it is advisable for the person to wear the yantra of the concerned planet.

In order to attain benefits from the planets, people wear yantras and thus, these irreversible planets do not have any negative impact on the person instead work in an auspicious manner within the horoscope. They do not have any impact on the functioning of another planet.

How does Yantra work?

These yantras should also be used carefully, in the same way,  as the tools should be used carefully, because the planets may begin to work in a minor way by a small lapse. The most significant thing of the processes that are used in forming any yantra is the process of generating energy. In this particular process, the energy is transferred to the yantra through special methods of the power of the mantras of its specific planet such as the sun mantra and the Chandra makes use of the moon mantra for providing energy to the sun. In a similar manner, the mantras of the planet are utilized to impart energy to all the other types of  yantra.

Astrologers of the Vedic Period used to relate each planet using its yantras as well as mantras. This shows that the astrologers in the Vedic period also believed that the benefits of any planet can be obtained via yantra or mantra as per the horoscope of a native.

Types of Powerful Yantras

  • Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra or Business Enhancing Yantra
  • Saraswati Yantra
  • Kuber Yantra
  • Mahalaxmi Yantra
  • Mahamrityunjay Yantra
  • Hanuman Yantra
  • Shri Yantra

How to use the Yantra?

Each planet within the horoscope of a person, has a distinguished role to offer and there are no good or bad results. This is  why yantras should be carefully used. The yantra in general is a figure of nine mines, where all the nine mines are fixed for every planet.

You can keep the yantras in the form of a locket in the neck, like as :

  • The yantra of Guru, Sun and Mercury should be worn in a gold locket
  • Moon yantra should be worn in silver
  • According to astrology, yantras of Rahu, Ketu and Mars can be worn in copper
  • Yantra of Saturn should be worn in steel

Most of us who do not like to wear yantra in the form of a locket in the neck can keep the device at a holy place within the house and then worship the same in the evening. If a person aspires to wear the yantra as a locket, but cannot afford buying it, then he/she can take a plain paper and construct the yantra of the planets he/she needs, and then wear the same on the right side like a talisman.

But while making Budh yantra on paper, one should keep in mind that the pods of the paper are sewn into the cloth of green color and tie it on the right side. In the same way take orange color cloth for Surya yantra, red for Mangal yantra, white for Chandra yantra,  yellow color for Guru yantra, black or blue color for Rahu yantra, white color for Shukra yantra, smoke color for Ketu yantra, and for Shani yantra, you can use black or blue colored clothes.

In addition to the colors, the placements of the planets should also be correct, hence the days also have a significant role to play  in getting some auspicious results from the yantras. With this, the result gets doubled from yantra. That is the reason why the Surya yantra is used on Sundays, Mangal yantra on Tuesdays, Chandra yantra on Mondays, Budh yantra on Wednesday, Shukra yantra on Fridays, Shani yantra on Saturdays, Guru yantra on Thursdays, Rahu yantra on Saturdays and Ketu shall be accepted on Tuesdays. If you get the readymade yantra from the market, then make sure that you also start worshipping on the given day.

What Astrodrishti Offers?

The Yantra Calculator of AstroDrishti helps in your search for the right yantra to help you get relief from all the hassles of astrology. Using this calculator, one can obtain information about any yantra which is available in the industry at present. Astrodrishti assists you in providing all the information associated to yantra. contact us & call us +918810552404.

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