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We are all humans and so we are bound to make mistakes or commit sin. We tend to go through tough times and this suffering is due to our troubles, temptations, and even due to our past life karma. While is expected that a virtuous lifestyle and an honest approach should do away with majority of the ill effects of planets, most of the times it is just not enough. However, astrological remedies when genuinely needed should be practiced and this would solve the cause.

When your good planets fall under some malefic influence, then the astrological remedies might help you to strengthen or weaken the effects of the planet. It’s just similar to an expert’s prescription depending upon the diagnosis. At Astrodrishti our team of Astrologers provide with Astrological remedies for career to those facing trouble in career perspectives, Astrological remedies for marriage to those facing issues of delayed marriage, unsuccessful marriage and more, also our best astrologers in Delhi provide Astrological remedies for health to those facing prolonged illness. Apart from this our expert astrologers provide you astrological remedies in any field depending upon the analysis of an individual’s horoscope.

Think about Sun. You will notice that its energy can be felt by the light and heat it emits but while you are within a closed room, you will not be able to experience it and all that you witness is its darkness. You need to pull the window blinds in order to let the energy get in. In astrological terms, this window blind symbolizes a malefic aspect of the other planets over Sun, position in enemy sign, eclipse, debilitation or its placement in a negative house like 6th, 8th or 12th. In order to open those window blinds, one needs astrological remedies. These Remedies can help activating and energizing a weak planet or nullify its impact of being a strong malefic planet.

One should note that astrological remedies have the capability to heal and not to prevent every possible loss that might occur. As per astrological belief your karma manifests in this life and that there is no running away from the same. You are also supposed to experience pain and learn from your mistakes and this is the only point where true healing begins. Letting go, fasting, charity, volunteering etc. are some of the effective ways but all the astrological remedies for career, marriage, health or more should be practiced with a sense of responsibility and a serious approach. I should not be carried out with the thought process of practising barter with God. Now there are different ways to perform the astrological remedies that have been aligned with the principles of the Vedic Astrology.

Astrological remedies are the solutions provided to overcome the negative situation created due to placement of planets in negative bhavas with malefic aspects and association of malefic planets. Such placements create problem in native’s day to day life during their dasha period and transits. In Indian astrology the remedies are suggested in the following ways :

Mantras : These are repeated chanting of words or lines to appease the related deity, planets in order to reduce their malificence on the native. Also these are recited to make the planets strong in case they are weak.

Tantras : These are ancient scriptures which were meant to ward off the evil effect of planets caused due to their placement in malefic bhavas or due to aspect of malefic planets during their dashas and transits.

Yantras : Yantras are mystical diagrams drawn for different deities, planets etc. These are used when remedies are required for long period and native is unable to take other measures. This is a visible mean to gain power, wealth and to nullify the negative effect of planets which are weak or ill placed.

Gem Stones : The Gems have been in use since ages to provide strength. At times these had been used for curing certain ailments. Their effects get noticed with in short period if worn with the advice of learned astrologer. The weight of stone and metal in which it should be used, proper shudhi, mantra for wearing and the time for wearing matters a lot.

Use of Colors : In order to strengthen the weak planets or to appease their lord colors related to that particular planets may be worn of the related days. One may wear a thread around the neck or wear clothes of that color or eat items related to particular planet.

Charity : Charity is another way to please the deities and the plant’s lords in order to get their blessing. There is list of articles related to each planet which can be donated on the day as described by the astrologer.

Fasting : Fasting is another way of appeasing the Deities and Planetary lords. In this way the benefic results from the planets may be derived.

The remedies should be performed under the guidance of the learned astrologers. A foot in the wrong direction might cause harm than benefit. If you are undergoing adversities you may feel free to contact us & call us +918810552404.

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