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Manglik Dosha


Manglik Dosha

There are certain planetary position which create certain Dosha for that native and that Dosha confers maleficence to native. One of most spoken about is Manglik Dosha .

Manglik Dosha is said to occur in natives chart If Mars occupies 1,4,7,8, and 12 house counted from Lagna, Moon lagna and Venus is said to cause Manglik Dosha in the chart of native.

Placement of Mars in 1,4,12 House is termed as ordinary dosha.

Mars in 7,8 House confirms grave and greater dosha.

But there are many combinations that neutralize the evil effect of Manglik dosha i.e. termed as cancellation of Manglik dosha.

If Manglik Dosha is found in both horoscope of boy and girl—Evil is neutralized.

Also certain other placement of Mars with respect to other planets in the horoscope makes the Dosha void.

Manglik Dosha effects the married life of a native in many ways that it may cause delays, cheating, hurdles and obstacles in getting married and there after may lead to physical, mental and financial problems in either or both of the partners.

In spite of above mentioned details one shouldn’t be scared of Manglik Dosha . One must try and marry the other partner with the similar Manglik Dosha ,the effect gets neutralized. Or Seek the advice of the expert as how is the placement of Mars in both the charts.

In case one has already married a partner not having similar dosha one should go for remedies which will reduce the evil effects of Manglik Dosha.

Manglik Ddosha Remedies

Manglik dosha is one of the most widely talked about concepts of the Indian astrology nowadays and how to solve the Manglik dosh is even a greater concern amongst people affected by it. Most of the people in India who believe in Astrology fear it and thus seek for Manglik dosh solution as per their horoscope. After taking consultation from the Manglik dosha experts one may go for Manglik dosha remedies which may be inclusive of Manglik dosha Nivaran puja. The astrologers apart from Manglik dosha puja also tell caution the person to avoid certain acts like some of those might say that a person with Manglik dosh must marry only a person who also has Manglik dosh in his/her horoscope.

Our expert astrologers at Astrodrishti, provide you with appropriate Manglik dosha remedies in order to treat the bad effects of Manglik Dosh that lies in a horoscope and is reduced or even gets cancelled in case the person who marries the first person with Manglik Dosh in his/her horoscope. Astrodrishti with its team of expert and the best astrologers in Delhi NCR has been advising people on how to solve the Manglik dosha and get rid of its ill effects. So far, several people have received the best Manglik dosha solution from our astrologers and have been benefitted by the same. Numerous Manglik people have gone for Manglik dosha Nirvana puja as per the suggestions of expert astrologers at Astrodrishti and availed great benefits from it. Manglik dosha puja is supposed to alleviate or eliminate the ruining influences of Manglik dosha.

Astrodrishti offers you the best Manglik dosha remedies, by our team of best astrologers in Delhi NCR. Astrodrishti offers you services that give you chances to connect with the best astrologers in Delhi for a personal discussion. Our Manglik dosha advisers at Astrodrishti are highly experienced astrologers who have substantial knowledge about Manglik dosha and its remedies.

To bring out an ideal solution and get the expert analysis about Manglik dosh in your Horoscope and also find Manglik dosha solution to get the favourable outcomes, contact us on & call us +918810552404.

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