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Life Path Card


Life Path Card

Astrology has many branches Numerology and Tarot are two of the branches of astrology which is widely practiced throughout the world. Basically astrology is based on the planetary influence on human lives. In Numerology every planet is assigned with a number that is actually the representative of a particular planet where as Tarot is guidance of divination which guides us to take right path.

To find Life path card we need to find out our Destiny Number as per the procedure mentioned below and then check your life path card from the table mentioned against the number. Destiny number is the number obtained by adding together all the digits of a person’s Birth -Date+Month+Year. For instance, a person date of Birth is 31-12-1964 his destiny number will be as 3+1+1+2+1+9+6+4=27 then 2+7=9. Here 9 is termed as Destiny Number or Life path card Number.

Since We have 22 cards of Major Arcana in Tarot any Destiny number above 22 is to be further reduced to achieve a single digit number and we get the Destiny number. One might have single or two life path cards, for example life path card 21 is one of the path number and also 2+1=3 is the second life path card number.



2. THE HIGH PRIESTESS: The native has spiritual feminine principles of knowingness, love and relationships. He is Wise, has sound judgment, serenity, common sense and intuition. One makes balance with logic and emotions with intuition. One should go for introspection and meditation. His psychic artistic ability will be continued to a sub-conscious level.

3. The Empress: This path card represents fertility of both body and mind, a bountiful harvest and good luck. It is symbol of women hood and mother hood and one is ruler of the home. One has capacity to fulfil own wishes and others wishes as well.

4. The Emperor: The native with this path card is a symbol for design and structure and controls the power that is connected to it. Success and stability helps one to make one’s mark on the world. When the Emperor appears, your plans and perseverance have been noticed and you are on your way up. The stern Emperor is a father-like figure, his authority and presence combined with wisdom

5. The Hierophant: Native with this card are teachers, pope. The native has a time tested wisdom, wise educator, who helps to train from others experience, traditions, conventional wisdom. One may take responsibility in the growth of traditional spiritualism.

6. Lovers: This path card is indicator of love, romance and harmony and overcoming of obstacle for the attainment of love. One should guard oneself against temptation. This card is about dualities between good and evil and harmonizing with them.

7. The Chariot: This path indicates spiritual idealism and wisdom. One achieve success with vigor and confidence. One is well equipped to face challenges and one is successful at end. One need to gain control over forces that are opposing you and your progress.

8. Strength: This life path card indicates mastery , determination and fortitude to succeed. One has aptitude to put ones plan into action and work with strength of your mind to face various circumstances. One has sufficient strength to face hardships in life.

9. Hermit: This path card indicates mystism, spiritualism and contemplation. Indicative of loneliness at one point of time in life. One is searching for enlightenment and harmony, illumination and other contentment. One may attain success through spirituality.

10. Wheel of Fortune: This life path card indicates frequent change in life time. One may see both good and bad times in life which indicate that one should go for adaptability. Most of the time the native is fortunate.

11. Justice: This life path card indicates that native is justice love and has intention to do the right things. It neither defends nor attacks but only seeks the truth in order to achieve peace. One focuses on circumstances concerning legalities and partnerships.

12. Hanged Man: This life path card is indicative of sacrifice to achieve any thing in life and surrender to high purpose. One changes all his old patterns willing to let go in order to achieve peace. Through selflessness one finds greater clarity in life. One would gain much more by surrendering than struggling.

13. Strength: This life path card indicates mastery , determination and fortitude to succeed. One has aptitude to put ones plan into action and work with strength of your mind to face various circumstances. One has sufficient strength to face hardships in life.

14. Temperance: This path card is indicative of adaptability, one doesn’t resist changes. also of Moderation and harmony. One achieves success through self-control and patience.

15. Devil: This path card is indicative of bondage which keeps the native being obliged through others, through fears This indicates sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, it tempts one with sensual pleasure with indulgence. Indicates wild behavior and unbridled desire. It leads to obsession and addiction.

16. Tower: This life path card is indicative of Complete and sudden change. Severing of a friendship. Changing of beliefs, opinions. Disruption, unexpected events. This also indicates unexpected upheaval a dramatic change. The disruption may be followed by enlightenment. Clearing away the old to make way for the new.

17. Star: This life path card is indicative of Hope, faith, inspiration, mixing the past and present. It promises good opportunity and Good health. It indicates that all of your brightest hopes and wishes come through. This indicates belief in miracle, making way for infinite opportunities in life.

18. Moon: This life path card is indicative of high power of imagination, intuition and one is able to think to the subconscious level of mind. Indicates Deception, obscurity, disillusionment, caution. Psychic forces may be at work. This is very much a cautionary card and one should take great care.

19. SUN: This life path card indicates Satisfaction, accomplishment, contentment, success, achievement. A very positive card. Contentment, attainment of personal goals. Happy marriage

20.JUDGEMENT: This life path card indicates clarity of judgment on the basis of deep spiritual understanding. It is the final step on the road to realize self realization. Its material/ethical equivalent is the (XI) Justice card on.

21.WORLD: This life path card is indicative of success happiness, travel ,Attachment, completion, perfection. The end result of all efforts –Triumph.

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