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Wish to know whether you will be successful in your job interview or not? Or Are you confused about your child’s career inclination as a parent? Confused about whether you should file a case for your rent dispute? Yes, the prediction for some of the major events of your life that might include all of the above questions can be simply answered by contacting the best KP astrologer in Delhi.

KP Astrology is the best and most popular methods of Astrology in today’s time and is known as Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology as the brain behind this astrology method was Lata Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. At Astrodrishti we offer online KP Astrology services. The rules of KP Astrology are well defined and organized because the concepts have been borrowed from several branches of astrology.

Making use of the Vedic system of astrology for prediction of the life events might get ambiguous results. But, Astrodrishti’s expert KP online astrology will provide you with precise and authentic results i.e. simply Yes or No. For example- For twins, the horoscope chart would almost be the same. But best KP astrologer can provide you with varied horoscope predictions for the twins depending upon their birth time. Thus, our expert KP Astrologer in Delhi need precise birth time for providing the predictions.

As per the Traditional/Vedic Astrology method, the horoscope for Twin births remains almost the same whereas, according to the expert KP astrologers, the horoscope changes even if the time difference is + or - 5 minutes. Thus, this is the main reason why birth time should be right as far as possible. At Astrodrishti our KP Astrologers have been predicting the personal life milestones for most of the clients for a long time. Astrodrishti helps you get a genuine and perfect KP Astrologer prediction on anything which that is under the sun and is inclusive of your finances, business, relationships, education, travelling and jobs etc.

Astrodrishti’s result-oriented KP online astrology services make it the best service providers of services in KP Astrology and KP Horary Astrology in Delhi NCR. The team Astrodrishti is lead by highly popular and knowledgeable KP Astrologers in Delhi NCR that makes it the best consultant for KP Astrology as well as KP Horary Astrology.

About KP Astrology

KP Astrology was founded by Sri KS Krishnamurthy. It is based on Stellar / Constellation system. Star Lordship is more important then mere rashi lordship.

Sri Krishnamurthy divided each star into nine equal sub-divisions in proportion to the planetary duration in the Vimshottri Dasha, the sub division of stars in which planets are posited have greater influence than the star itself. Each sub division of star is known as sub in Krishnamurthy Paddhati.

One important foundation of KP is the concept of ruling planets at the moment of prediction. It enables the astrologer to pin point the time of event. Ruling planets and concept of sub are the hallmark of KP. The success achieved in astrological predictions by following the principles of RP is remarkable. The sublord is the deciding factor in all cases and it attaches importance to the sublords of different cusps, star’s disposition so the cusp must be given the due importance .They indicate the matter of that house alone.

With the help of ruling planets one can tell the correctness of the natal, rashi, birthstar, and even the birth lagna.

A planet in this paddati terminology becomes a malefic or benefic not in consideration of its nature in terms of core traditional system, but by reason of its owning beneficial/malefic houses or occupying such houses.

Just as a planet is governed by the sub lords, in accordance with degree rising on the cusp of the houses. The fact depends on the sub lord of the cusp. Not only should it be the significator of bhava where the cusp falls but also it should be significator of any of the houses of the matter concerned. Shri KS Krishnamurthy emphasizes that judgment of each of bhava cusp is essential. Longitude of cusp and planets are reduced to nirayan equivalent. Instead of Lahiri Ayamnsha, KP ayamnsha is used. This system gives the accurate picture of the map of heaven at any required moment duly eliminating possible errors and uncertainties.

KP Horary

Horary relates to the word hours meaning hour. It is a system of divination based on a chart cast for certain hours and minutes, pertaining to a particular thought , prashna and event. It is more useful for the natives who don’t have birth data at all.

Generally this branch of science is resorted to, mostly by those who donot have horoscopes or who doubt the correctness of the data available with them. This branch of science can answer all questions and clear all doubts. This method is as rational and scientific and has authenticity as any other branch of astrology. It is sublime art of fore seeing events from the position of planets at the movement when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter. By applying it one can predict any events longevity, health success or failure in one’s enterprise, one’s stay in foreign land and his return. The time of marriage, the description of partners, result of examination, success in litigation and any thing and everything on the earth.

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