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Health and Illness Horoscope


Health Illness Horoscope

Astrology and Horoscope have been used to track health problems and also the solutions to them since ancient times. This part of the astrology is generally known as the medical astrology or is traditionally known by the term Iatromathematics i.e. the math of curing. Your horoscope provides several ideas about your health and what you must do to to improve the problems caused by it.

There are four important factors at work in the horoscope that are to be considered especially when it comes to the health indicators. These comprise of what, where, how and why.

1 : Planets and the similar points of the horoscope predict about what happens and what active power is at work.

2 : Zodiac Signs predict about how the planets act and what are the event characterisitcs.

3 : Houses tell about where in your life and in what environment do the planets act.

4 : Aspects are the special angles among the planets that show why do the planets act that way.

Similar, is the case with your health horoscope. An obstructed planet might lead to health issues related to its own nature and further with the zodiac sign characteristics, the planet gets in and is generally governed by that body part in its zodiac sign.

Your helath issues become apparent and influential in the environment of the house if the planet is in and the reason behind why the planet causes trouble can be found in the aspects that it forms to the various other planets- i.e. either the planets of your birth chart or the planets of the sky that forms the transit aspects for those present in your chart.

This is all you require to predict in your health horoscope. But obviously, it takes some time to understand and sort out the variables correctly. The best way to get yourself familiar with the indicators of your health problems in your horoscope is to analyze the health issues or the illness of the past.

Medical Astrology can assist you to remove the improbabilities in the hone and chart on the major themes in the similar way as that in the natal astrology. However, medical astrology is more complicated than what natal astrology is. At first, you are required to be a competent medical astrologer in order to interpret a natal chart. Secondly, as per law, unless you are also a medical doctor you cannot diagnose the illness. There are many variables present in the chart that are to be used for the purpose of diagnosis. Medical astrology however, can assist you to remove the implausibility’s in your chart and emphasize over the significant parts of one’s body. It also showcases your strength and the ways you respond to the disease.

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