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Are you aware of the Gemstone’s power? Do you know that Gemstone remedy is one of the most efficient and powerful remedies in Astrology? According to our expert astrologers at Astrodrishti who are also the best gemologists in Delhi, in ancient times, it is believed that if anyone wore these tiny and precious stones then people would bow their heads before his/her supremacy. Later, the scholars found that these Gemstones had spiritual significance and were not an ordinary piece of stone. It is known to enhance knowledge, power and spirituality of the wearer. As all of us are pretty much aware of this fact therefore, Astrodrishti with its team is eminent Gemstone Consultant in Delhi, is here at your help.

Gemstone Consultant in Delhi

Gemstones, since years have been used as the healers and are supposed to absorb certain positive energies from the Universe. Some precious as well as sub-precious Gemstones are beneficial inculcate positivity in the wearer’s mind. Astrodrishti is a home to expert Astro Gemologist Consultant in Delhi and it has been consulting clients since years. We are the best Gemstones consultant in Delhi with highly accurate predictions.

According to our team of astro gemologists consultant in Delhi Gemstones are one of the most effective materialized solution to the problems in your horoscope. They need to power in order to bolster the favorable effects of the planets and weaken their malefic effects. Gemstones are quite powerful and thus they must be controlled by some of the most knowledgeable professionals like ours. This is one of the major reasons that we are recognized amongst the best Gemstone Consultant in Delhi and also the place for the best Gemstone Astrology in Hindi. We also know that if you wear any unsuitable gemstone at the wrong time then the consequences can be fatal.

Importance of Gemstone

Gemstones are often regarded as treasures from the earth's womb and the cosmic vibrations received and emitted by these tend to create electromagnetic influence in a person's life. River rock of a smooth color can be regarded as the first type of stone to be used by mankind ever. The hunters began carrying pretty hunting stones within no time and began calling it their lucky hunting stone. Stones and gemstones have been playing a very significant role in human lives. Ancient history as well as mythology constitutes of references about talismans as well as amulets of various sizes, shapes and uses that are made out of gemstone. Receiving the appropriate gemstone guidance and also wearing the same could be a life changing experience. Gems are also known to impact people's lives in more than one way. They touch every aspect such as the emotional, mental, physical as well as financial. Astrologers make use of the gemstones to empower the weak planets present in a person's birth chart or empower a particular aspect of a person's life.

Use of Gemstone

  • Eliminates obstacles in the fields like marriage, finance, career, luck, fame, income and wealth etc.
  • The electromagnetic vibrations emitted from the gems interact with and tend to influence the aura of one's body by touching our skin.
  • They create dual effects: spectrum effects and the other one being by radioactive effects.
  • Gem power is supposed to get absorbed in the individual aura this assists in resisting any of the negative vibrations from the external sources.

Gemstone recommendations should include

  • What gemstones suit you
  • Weight of gemstone
  • What is the right metal for you
  • Instructions to wear the gemstone - day, time and date
  • Mantra to keep it pure and energized

Astrological Significance Of Gemstones

Gemstones hold a special significance in the Vedic astrology and are the precious stones obtained from the natural soil that are being used since ages to release the problems that are violently pushed on us by the planets. In old times the gems were considered to be the king's pride and also the people of high order alone. However, gemstones today can be worn by anyone or everyone. It is assumed that the gemstones comprise of a mystical power within them that could benefit the wearer in any specific area of his/her life including business, education, bad health etc. Industrialists and Celebrities too have realized the strength of the gemstones and thus can be found sporting them on their body parts.

However, one should note that, only the natural gemstones can create the desired impacts on an individual's life. Gemstones aren't chosen as per individual's likes and dislikes instead after a proper study of one's horoscope it can be determined that which gemstone would best suit the person. If one chooses a wrong gemstone to wear, it may also lead to destructive results. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced astrologer prior to wearing of any of those.

Gemstones for different planets

Scholars of Astrology firmly believe that every gemstone represents a specific planet . Based on the position of planets present in your birth chart i.e. natal chart one may choose from the list provided below. However it's always advisable to consult the best and learned astrologer prior to wearing of a gemstone. Similar to the medicines wearing the wrong gemstone might adversely affect the concerned individual. At Astrodrishti we have a team of the best Astrologers who can suggest you about what gemstones to wear. Below we have provided a list for you to know that which gemstone represents which planet.

Ruby- Sun

Ruby is one of the most precious gemstones that favours the wearer with prestige, good health and position, especially helps in getting him/her rid of any kind of disease or abnormality.

Pearl- Moon

Pearl if worn by ladies around the neck, then it serves as a preserver of their chastity. In addition to the increasing self-confidence of the one who wears it, Pearl also has an impact on the blood, heart and mind of the person.

Emerald- Mercury

This gemstone is green in color and is usually recommended for the businessmen, writers, dealers, publishers of the scientific instruments. It permits the wearer to get a control over the nervous system, tissues, tongue, liver and vocal cord.

Coral- Mars

Bright red in color this gemstone may help in warding off various health issues like chicken pox, jaundice, anemia, impotency, body pain, tropical fevers, allergies etc.

Diamond- Venus

Diamond is white in color and is one of the prettiest gemstones that is considered to be good for financial prosperity and all round happiness.

Gemstone Recommendation on

Are you looking for a gemstone recommendation? Based upon ascendant rashi lord or lagna lord you will get all that you desire at Gemstone recommendations here at Astrodrishti are based on expert analysis ou our team of astrologers who consider every aspect of one's birth chart. We value the trust of our clients trust and aspire to build a strong bond based upon genuine service.

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