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Terms of Conditions


Terms of Conditions

Terms of Conditions for users of www.astrodrishti.com

Your Acceptance

Astrodrishti guarantees complete confidentiality of the identity of its members, predictions made and also their horoscope details. Astrodrishti further guarantees that there shall be no direct or indirect usage of the details with respect to any of the aspects of life that has been revealed in the horoscope of the member, besides using them for the explicit purpose of communicating the horoscope charts as well as the predictions to the concerned member

Product Liability Disclaimer

The Vedic Astrological horoscope here is regarded as the opinion of one person depending on his or her training as well as experience in Vedic Astrology. Another Vedic Astrologer may have a different opinion on any particular point.

All the aspects of Psychic, Gemological, Astrological , horoscopes, Palmistry, as well as Numerology services strictly may not be a substitute for professional,medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice/care wherever applicable.

Astrodrishti makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy as well as the importance of any aspect of the Astrological horoscope, numerology, palmistry & the other astrological aids that cannot be responsible for any kind of interpretation or usage which is made of it.

Recommendations for Astrological remedies like mantras, yantras, gemstones, yagna etc. are usually prescribed by our Astrologers only after in depth study of the birth chart of the member and with due exercise of his judgment and prudence. It should be clearly understood that each prescription of such type is accompanied by a prescribed method as well as procedure, that is expected to be followed by both the members with due diligence. Astrodrishti is not at all responsible for any kind of claims for negative functioning of the prescription as Astrological remedy that has been made by any of our Astrologers.

Astrodrishti makes best efforts for energizing the gemstones or the remedies according to the strict Vedic Principles as per the prescription in the ancient Vedic scriptures. Astrodrishti while conducting a vedic ritual on behalf of its customers as a group or just an individual, tries to follow the strict Vedic rituals as possible in current time.

Accordingly, astrodrishti.com provides no implied warranties, guarantees or assurances of any kind, and shall not be responsible for any type of interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information as well as the data mentioned above.

Therefore, astrodrishti.com may not be held responsible for any type of inaccuracies that occur in predictions. Any inadvertent reference in relation to an individual, caste, religion, creed or any other spiritual path shall be excused.

The efficacy of any type of remedy recommendation ( like yantra , gemstone, mantra or yagnas or facilitating the same) would strictly depend upon the faith as well as the devotion of the customer and his/her belief as well as intent. Astrology centre advises his/her client that they shall wear the gemstones/yantras or perform any rituals or personalized community yagnas only if he/she has faith, is truly devoted and not out of any fear, greed or lust or any other negative feelings. Astrodrishti does not offer any guaranteed results in customer’s life for the recommendation of the remedies.

Copyright Disclaimer

This site involves inputs from varied books as well as publications available on Vedic Astrology. The inputs from these as well as other Astrology textbooks might be used in creation of Astrology Reports, into our constant efforts in order to provide value to the member-customers.

Although it is nearly impossible to acknowledge all the excellent sources individually that we place on record but we are all thankful to them and express gratitude towards them.

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