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Numerology Destiny Numbers


Destiny Number

Astrology has many branches and Numerology is one of the branches of astrology which is widely practiced throughout the world. Basically astrology is based on the planetary influence on human lives. In Numerology every planet is assigned with a number that is actually the representative of a particular planet !

The single digit or total of two digits of number of person’s birth date is called the Basic number. For example if he is born on 2nd May, his basic number will be 2. Similarly, if one’s birth date is 14th December his Basic number will be 1+4=5. The Basic number is obtained by adding the birth date digits and if the result is more than 9 then those two digits are added again to get a single digit and that becomes the Persons Basic number.

There is also another number called the Destiny number. Destiny number is the number obtained by adding together all the digits of a person’s Birth -Date+Month+Year.. For instance, a person date of Birth is 31-12-1964 his destiny number will be as 3+1+1+2+1+9+6+4=27 then 2+7=9. Here 9 is termed as Destiny Number of that native.

This way you can workout the destiny number for self or someone else.

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