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Career Astrologer in Delhi


Career Astrologer in Delhi

In this competittive and highly challenging world, every individual is focussed on career. With the help of the career astrologer in delhi, noida, gurgaon one can predict the profession whic is suitable for him/her. Career astrology readily predicts about the nature of an individual in terms of studies and profession. Moreover, this part of the astrology also predicts that how artistic or intelligent an individual would be? What would be the designation of the person at his workplace? And how long would the person pursue their career in a specific field?

In astrology, identifying one’s personal strength is quite easy. Your birth chart throws light on your mental region to describe the professional success and direction. Having a successful profession is very important these days. Your blooming success in career is a clear reflection of your status in the society. If you are doing well in your profession or if you have a thriving career in life then one can certainly attract a good amount of wealth as per your desire.

It is the 10th house of your natal chart which is known as the house of career Astrology. The position of the planet like Saturn is seen first when predicting about one’s career scope. In the sam way there are several planetary conditions that view your career house.

In career astrology delhi there are three major indicators that are looked for in one’s chart to examine one’s career as per the astrology. The first being the planet saturn, the second being the Zodiac sign Capricorn and the third indicator is the 10th house or its lord planet.

The kind of professional life that an individual would have can be predicted by the position of the saturn. Saturn in Aries is entitled to the identity clarifications. Saturn in Taurus represents the material goals particularly the possession of wealth. Saturn in Gemini represents wise and learned person. Saturn in Cancer indicates a family oriented person. Saturn in leo is the representative of a powerful and famous person. Saturn in Virgo indicates the health conditions and skills of an individual, Saturn in Libra indicates a unified and peaceful partnership. Saturn in scorpio is indicative of the person who peeps into the past for creating things in future. Saturn in sagittarius represents the spiritual leader. Saturn in Capricorn is indicative of the authoritative and a powerful person. Saturn in Aquarius shows inclination towards fairness and independence. And lastly, Saturn in Pisces is indicative of a passionate and understanding person.

Career Astrologer in delhi defines several types of professions that an individual might go into based on the lord of the 10th house. The profession that an individual chooses can be predicted by the study of positions of various other planets. The economists might be having a strong jupiter combined with Mercury and the Sun. The combination of saturn, Rahu, Mars and Moon suggest for careers in medical or engineering field while the presence of Venus and Mars suggests for career in electrical field.

Majority of the people fall into the category of routine jobs and average intelligence. If the 2nd and the 5th house of their lords is evil then the individual might have little or no education. However, these results can also be altered depending upon the influence of the other planets that look at them or influence them.

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